1. Steve91 says:
    It’s a message from HaShem, GO BACK TO YOUR FAMILY!!
  2. MarccoH says:
    Maybe at least some of the passengers will decide to stay at home with their wives and children, and use the refunded money for Yom Tov needs.
    That is beside the point of many not-so-kosher things going on in Uman over Rosh Hashana.
  3. eman says:
    The zechus that they get to spend Rosh Hashonoh with their families should compensate what they are losing out on being in the Ukraine.
  4. yeshivish316 says:
  5. mendoza says:
    my daughter is married to a very nice breslov chosid
    she say Elul in hebrew is
    ” ema levad abba leuman “
  6. huju says:
    If they need a shul to go to in New York, they should go to Chabad.
  7. queensguy11 says:
    I am sure there are going to be alot of happy children that their tatty is going to be home for rosh hashana, they can sit next to their tatty and hear shofer this year.